Cabinet Painting – A Handyman’s Guide

Cabinet painting is a form of painting on a small scale. These paintings are generally no larger than two feet square, but they can be much smaller. These paintings can depict anything from full-length figures and landscapes to objects that are life-sized and painted with a high degree of detail. These paintings were traditionally kept in cabinet rooms by wealthy collectors of art.

Before painting a cabinet, it is important to prepare the face frame by sanding or applying wood filler. After applying wood filler, it is important to allow the paint to dry. Once dry, it is necessary to wipe the cabinet down using a damp, lint-free cloth. This step is necessary because even the smallest particles could get in the paint.

In case you don’t want to spend hours sanding and priming your cabinets, you can purchase a Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer to save time on the prep work. This type of primer won’t give you a high-quality finish, but it will save you time and money. However, it’s important to remember that refinishing a cabinet will require a high-quality finish, so make sure to check out the company and painter before entrusting the job to anyone.

Choosing a paint that won’t chip or peel is essential when completing this project. Choose a durable paint like Benjamin Moore Advance, which is the best choice for painting cabinetry. You should choose a paint with at least two top coats to ensure durability. You should also discuss the desired sheen level with your contractor. The sheen level will affect the look of the finished project.

Cabinet painting is an excellent way to update your kitchen without committing to a major remodeling project. It’s cheaper and easier than a complete remodel and can give you the same beautiful look that you’ve been dreaming of. A simple paint job can transform an outdated kitchen into a modern, light-and-bright space.

Whether you want to paint your cabinets yourself or hire someone, the costs will vary based on how large your kitchen is. In a medium-sized kitchen, the cost of painting one cabinet door and one drawer face will typically cost between $100 and $175 per cabinet. Overall, you’ll spend between $3,000 and $5,000 for this painting project.

There are pros and cons to both methods. Pick the one that fits your needs and the look of your existing cabinets. Also, think about whether you want to keep or replace existing knobs and pulls. Make sure to take into account popular cabinet handles as well. You’ll want your new kitchen to reflect your personality. If you need cabinet painting services in St. Petersburg try visit local handyman services near your area.

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